Feb 2011

To be honest, I don’t understand the whole blogging thing, but I thought I should at least update. In the past year, I’ve written and published a second novel, Dragonfly Dreams. It’s a reincarnation romance that takes place in Oregon, Washington, and Scotland. It’s available online and thru local bookstores. And I’ve started a third novel.
In my life I’ve witnessed the success of Dr King’s Civil Rights Movement, the struggle for women’s lib worldwide, the fall of the iron curtain, a backlash of hate and prejudice in my own country (hopefully temporary), and now the amazing events in the middle east. Socio-cultural evolution is an awesome thing. I prefer to just write, but I’ll try to do better at updating this in the coming year. It just seems to me that I’m now spending SO much time at the computer writing and keeping up with email, twitter, facebook, etc, there’s SO much less time for real life. But then life is all about compromises. This whole thing would be easier if people who read this would please leave comments. But your time is important too, and i understand that.
Enjoy living. Face pain without judging it or trying to avoid it–I’ve found it’s easier that way. The only truly important thing is that we are here in the moment and at peace with ourselves.


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