Cooperation Vs. Competition

If you’re on Facebook, please feel free to check out my Deception Past page. Hope you like it. Constructive, favorable, and/or humorous comments are always appreciated. Not being digitally motivated, except with stringed instruments, it took me a while to fix the new page set up, but i did. There’s a link to the Dragonfly Dreams You Tube video if you haven’t seen it yet.

Rewriting of my third novel was interrupted by my sister breaking her ankle in February. I’ve been taking care of her and her many bonsais, most of which survived. She’s back on her feet now. I got through it comfortably by practicing harp. Looking forward to getting back to work next week.

Please, if you and/or your children haven’t had chicken pox, consider getting the vaccine. Please, if you’ve had chicken pox, consider getting the shingles vaccine. If you’ve had shingles already, you have added reason to consider getting the vaccine. I plan to next week. Shingles doesn’t always wait until you’re over 60. I’m not, and I didn’t enjoy it at all. I’m lucky the facial paralysis was temporary and my eye was OK. It’s not something anybody wants.

And last but not least, there seems to be a great drive for competition in a lot of people. I’m not one of them. Just the word “competition” is usually enough to keep me away. I enjoy watching figure skating competitions and an occasional sports game sometimes, but i definitely don’t share the points of view of the commentators. Cooperation seems to make a lot more sense to me. If someone winning means someone else losing, what’s the point? When one wins, we all should win. That’s the way it works when things really matter–like survival of the planet or whatever. If it really matters, everyone should want the best for everyone else. Yes, i’m an idealist. No, i’m not about to change. One must have values.


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