My Country, My Opinion

Thanks to social media, everybody gets to put their opinion on the record. It is what it is. Here’s mine.

I live in the United States of America. I spent 29 years working for my country. I used to believe it was “the greatest country in the world”, because that’s what I was told. Then I visited other countries. Not so. We’re all fallible, lovable people.

My country’s economy is unsustainable. We make weapons. We sell weapons to people that become enemies. Then we use more weapons than we’ve sold to fight them. Maybe we shouldn’t let the CIA get into everybody else’s business? I can see where that would be annoying to other people. All these things happen, because in the past, there was a good reason. We’re in the present now. We have the Afghan war (anyone who’s read history would have known better), war on drugs (but prohibition never worked), war on terror (which side are we on, by the way? with reduced freedoms and rampant fear, I lose track), war on immigration, war on immigrants, war on differences. Don’t like something? Declare war. And people wonder why our children have problems with bullies.

My country imprisons more people than any other first world country. One need not be violent to be accepted. The US prison and parole systems are based on “justice” rather than rehabilitation. It’s just another word for vengeance. Prisons and prisoners are expensive. Out-sourcing is always more expensive, because people will use the money the way they want, and then the government will pay them more money to bring them into compliance with the law. But whenever there’s a crime, my people believe someone must pay. And the taxpayers do.

If the US didn’t spend its money on wars and prisons, it might actually be able to provide education and health care. We could stop killing innocent civilians in other countries and wreaking havoc on Mother Nature. But we call wars and prisons defense.

My country is full of different religions, just like Earth. The majority of US citizens claim to be Christian, followers of Jesus of Nazareth. On the subject of defense, Jesus once said, “Put away your sword.”


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