Beginning of 2012 Summer

My sympathies to all who have been experiencing heat waves. I have to remind myself that 80F isn’t really hot and that the yellow orb that’s appearing more frequently in the sky is not a UFO. But the garden is in full bloom, as it has been all spring. Fresh cherries right off the tree are as wonderful as any other fresh offering from Nature. And our hummingbird neighbors have a new pair of young.

Calling all harpists (I’m so very pleased to be one): If you don’t already know the music of Jennifer Pratt-Walter, she’s written and published some beautiful pieces. If you aren’t familiar with Bonnie Mitchell, she’s published a book of her own lovely arrangements of Hawaiian songs.

I’m delighted to hear local advertisements mention local NW produce contributing to the sustainability of the beautiful Pacific NW. I love living here. Communities have to become sustainable to survive and help the planet survive.

I’m closing in on finishing the character edit of 5 Flowers. Next I’ll edit the whole for redundancy, consistency, etc. Then comes proofreading for simple errors (the hardest to catch). I still hope to be finished by the end of the year. Best wishes to all my recently published friends: Elizabeth Wilder, Marta Moran-Bishop, Donna Cavanaugh, Laurie Hanan, and I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. Did I mention Karen Hall is a bestseller?


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