Child of the Universe

My second collection of poetry has been published. Child of the Universe is $1.75 ebook and $12.95 paper back (due out in about a week). Author’s Note from Child of the Universe:

I began writing poetry in my dreams when I was about 14 years old. Eventually I would wake up as I was writing, and finally I learned to write while conscious. For the first decade or two, I wrote in mirror writing. I have since broken that habit. Ripples on the Surface was my first collection of poetry. Child of the Universe is my second. I don’t presume to know whence some of these thoughts arise, but I feel safe in saying they come from the unconscious.

I believe I began writing as a way of coping with troubling times and life conflicts. Now I write to express deep emotions, sort out what disturbs me, and express moments of peace and clarity, which fortunately come more frequently now. These are basic human expressions—expressions of living—of being. I’ve read that only one-tenth of a percent of human genetic material distinguishes us as individuals. It’s our choice to see the forest or the trees. We, like all living creatures, are all children of the Universe, and like many, I am a child of the verse.

child of the universe



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