Boston Tragedy

My heart goes out to those families who can’t get to their wounded because the hospitals are locked down, but law enforcement is doing what they have to do. At first I was numb when I heard what happened. Then I realized it was 15 April, Tax Day, Boston Patriots Day, and 4 days from the anniversary of the OK City Murrah Bldg & Waco. I’m praying for the FBI to assemble all the pieces they can of those bombs and find and arrest whoever did this. I’m praying for another fortuitous traffic stop like with McVeigh. 

I was working for the Army when the Murrah attack occurred and again on 9/11. Yes, I suffer from PTSD, and I’ve have had counseling for it. I can forgive the insane but I cannot forgive the evil act of senseless murder of children and their parents. There is no justification for this.

Frankly, I’m pissed. No Toilet Party or right wing extremist need open their foul mouths in my presence with their spewing of hate, because I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of self-righteous, uneducated nuts trying to physically force their irrational beliefs on the rest of us. I’ve had it with the Congressional GOP obstructionists who are too stupid to understand compromise is how democracy works, and I’ve had it with the dummies/personality disorders that vote for them. I know I’m ranting, but it’s all true. I’m a tolerant person by nature, but I cannot tolerate murdering children. I want my government to fight back against domestic terrorism with all its got. I want my country to be less violent and more educated and rational. I’d like to see a triumph of intelligence over ignorance and superstition. I’d like to see children safe from being murdered or seeing their parents murdered. I’m angry that some coward/cowards did this for no good reason. That’s why I’m speaking out.


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