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For President Obama

December 21, 2013



December 21, 2013

For President Obama

For any federal employee
The mission is sacrosanct
First and above all else
Is the oath to defend and protect
The Constitution of the United States

Any nondisclosure agreement
Comes after taking the oath
The classified program was not created
To cover up the wrong-doing of most
Who have disregarded their oath

The Constitution prohibits
Inhibiting freedom of speech
By act of Congress
But they passed the PATRIOT Act anyway
Because they were afraid

“I know not what others may choose”
Patrick Henry once said
But he wasn’t afraid of death
Unlike Congress who took an oath
To defend and protect

The President’s oath is the same
As with all of the NSA
Yet no one’s destroyed the ill-gotten gains
They argue about who will maintain
The files that defile the Constitution

None of them remember the mission
To protect and defend the Constitution
None of them is worthy to cast a stone
Against Eric Snowden
Who spoke out against all that’s wrong

I didn’t know when I voted for the President
“Transparent government” meant my life but not his
That “change” meant what’s ok for me
Isn’t good enough for the political rich
Who’ve committed treason

When the government overrides the Constitution
When the government demonizes its mission
Is there a country left in which I live?
I swore to defend the Constitution
But my words are my only weapon

In Response to an email from Al Franken

December 20, 2013

To Al Franken

Tis the week before Christmas
And money is tight
I live on disability
It’s cold tonight

My niece and great-nephew
Will be here next week
He’s a growing child
More mouths to feed

Politicians in DC
Make more money than most
Get better benefits
The poor are their host

So why are tax dollars
Spent to spy on the free
The NSA and CIA
Have more money than me

Millions and billions I’ll never see
Buy weapons and drones
To kill innocent people
And children are left in poverty

How much does it cost
To X-Ray everyone
Who flies on a plane
Nude files for what job?

Buildings are built
To house the unconstitutional
While there’s no room in the shelters
And Snowden’s exiled

Eric had more courage
Than any of you
Like Deep Throat before him
Did what he had to do

Deep Throat wasn’t prosecuted
Too high up in the FBI
Snowden was a mere contractor
Who wouldn’t tell a lie

Like many around me
I feel betrayed
Used and abused
By false promises made

And you with the salary
Pension and perks
Want all I have
Even though I can’t work

Fix all these problems
You rich folk create
Expose the wrongdoings
And block the hate

But give any more
To half the source of it all?
I think not
Merry Christmas to all

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