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Unconscious Revealed

February 25, 2014

Unconscious Revealed.


Unconscious Revealed

February 25, 2014

My favorite place to write poetry is the Portland, Oregon, Japanese Gardens. I was there this past Saturday afternoon. It was cloudy, as usual, but not raining. Everywhere in the Gardens is the sound of running water. I was aware of this as I found a quiet bench, sat down, and began to write. My first poem was about unrevealed water in us, around us, and everywhere. The last stanza was:

“Step carefully

Where it is revealed

Is slippery”

I wrote some more poems, moved to other benches, wandered around, and wrote some more. Finally I made my way down to the coy pond. I love their brilliant colors. After watching them, I continued down the path, tripped, and fell.

Of course, since I realized, I’ve been laughing at myself, but next time I’m taking my walking stick …

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