I Live in an Interesting Corner of the World

It comforts me to know that when I go on vacation, I need never be far from home. I can leave Vancouver by train or car and make a day trip to Vancouver, a very scenic place. After staying as long as I choose, I can then take a ferry to Vancouver, another very interesting tourist spot with many pleasant places to visit and nice inns to stay as long as time allows. When it’s time to go home, I can take any number of combinations of ferries and trains/car to go back home to Vancouver. If time allows, I can even return to Vancouver by way of Vancouver. Overall, it makes for easy paced sight seeing and relaxed vacation time well-spent, while feeling right at home in Vancouver.

There must be other places in the world where such trips are possible. I just haven’t found them yet. Please feel free to enlighten me if you know of one. Thanks.

Meanwhile, you also can come to this corner of wet and wonderfully large fir and cedar trees along the Salish Coast of western North America and vacation in Vancouver, Vancouver, and Vancouver. We’re not the Bermuda Triangle, but we’re just a little bit different. You can pack your clothes in layers, include socks with sandals as well as rain gear, but we all get wet, and in the grand scheme of things, getting wet isn’t a big deal here. Umbrellas tend to turn inside out and fly away. There’s simply no reason not to have a picnic at a park or on a beach just because it rains. Just come relaxed and have fun, but don’t be surprised by the wildlife. Great herons are known to nest in parks — in one Vancouver they’re near the tennis courts. Herds of goats are known to contract grounds keeping jobs at places like airports and public schools. Should you encounter a herd of goats while visiting, pay strict attention to and follow any instructions by the llama, which is the security guard for the goats. Don’t mess with our goats or our great herons. Thank you.


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