All my life I’ve heard we must adapt to survive, o sink or swim. As a senior citizen, I’m finding life increasingly difficult to adapt to difital everything. As I type this in my blog pag, I can’t see what I’m typing because a black box with no “x” to get rid of it has appeared over the center of the page. So I apologize for any typos I can’t see to correct.

My bank changed its bill pay program, and then explained to me that to use it I must learn to read what they put in teeny tiny print so I can’t read it. How does making everything more difficult and complicated improve anything? Why put the critical information for the transaction so small I can’t read it?

The news media is all excited because of the Equifax hack. They ignore the obvious that in this age of terrorism, the hack is simply an act of terrorism. It only works if everyone is terrorized, and they sure are. They want everyone else to get excited and go through complicated, time-consuming, annoying steps to save themselves because they are afraid. I guess the news hasn’t adapted to the techniques of the Terrorism Age anymore than I’ve adapted to computers that become increasingly more complicated.

Change is frustrating and often frightening, but change for the sake of change is sadistic. This Digital Age of Terrorism has become increasingly more violent and less tolerable. What is the point in my own blog page putting a black box in the middle of the page? Apparently the only thing that will make it go away is to give WordPress money. I guess they’ve adapted.


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