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My Third Collection of Poetry Is Now Available

June 7, 2015

A Call to ContemplationfrontA Call to Contemplation:Amazon:Kindle Store @FrankideMerle …

This is my third collection of poetry after Ripples on the Surface and Child of the Universe. It’s currently available on Kindle, but the paperback version is in the works The cover picture is a bonsai wisteria. As with my other collections, A Call To Contemplation includes my thoughts about my perspective of life in general and specific, but this one is more frequently inspired by my practice of meditation. Many of the poems were written while contemplating the beauty and serenity of my cats, my Celtic harp, and the Portland, Oregon, Japanese Gardens on the west side of town near the zoo.

With this collection, I feel I’ve completed a life’s work, although one never knows what may be written in the future. But for now, I’m focusing on writing music and more novels. I’ve just copywrited my musical “calling card”, inspired by a performance of the Oregon Symphony conducted by Carlos Kalmar at the beginning of this year. It’s called Mercurial Collection of Duets and/or Solos for Celtic Harp and Classic Guitar (my instruments) and includes six pieces: Mercury in D, Mercury in A, Mercury in E, Mercury in B, Mercury in F, and Mercury in C. I intend to find a way to publish it. This will be a first for me.

I’m getting close to finishing my next novel, Roundabout, which is a future incarnation novel. It takes place in Wick, Scotland. It will be my fourth reincarnation novel after Deception Past, Dragonfly Dreams, and Five Flowers. I’m having fun, and I hope you enjoy reading them.

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Give a Book for the Holidays or Read a New One Yourself

November 9, 2014

Have we lived before? Three reincarnation novels by Franki deMerle are available from Amazon and most book retailers:

Deception Past, a story of diversity, religions, and different ethnic backgrounds colliding in the SE US in the second half of the twentieth century mixed with dreams, premonitions, memories of past lives, and past life identity theft. A tale of forgiveness using the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot deck.

Dragonfly Dreams, where a woman running from domestic abuse is rescued by a recently retired US Army officer in the Pacific NW US only to discover the Division from which he just retired was the reincarnation of Custer’s 7th Cavalry. A story of changes, strength, and courage using characters’ animal spirits.

Five Flowers, an historical reincarnation novel and the first of its genre in which all major characters are historical. A novel of five women, each identified by a flower, who keep coming back to this world drawn together by one man, from whom they seek to free and redeem themselves.

Please view the trailer by KatMoran Productions: 

Books are available through (See Order Page),, and The Independent Authors or for short.

Published by KatMoran Publications

Thank you very much, and may you and your friends and loved ones have a happy, peaceful holiday season.

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