Thank you, Bree Newsome!

June 28, 2015

She did what no one else did, but what any one might have. Bree Newsome took down the defeated Confederate flag, the symbol of white supremacy, hate, and the destruction of the United States of America. For this she was arrested, just like Rosa Parks. But history will remember the courageous act of Bree Newsome as an individual who did what obviously needed to be done over a century ago.

When Nazi Germany was defeated, the swastika flag was removed. It’s not flown in the name of history, and neither should the flag of the dead Confederacy. They are very much alike.

When I was a teenager many decades ago, my high school kept a Confederate flag painted larger than life on the wall of the school gym. When I was a senior, another student finally threw black paint on the wall. I cheered. I felt liberated. I wondered why in the world I hadn’t thought to do that myself, but I didn’t. I didn’t know at the time I was already suffering from PTSD from seeing some black girls stabbed by white boys. I didn’t know that would affect my entire life. After I escaped Alabama in 2005, I was free. Several years later I got EMDR counseling for the PTSD I’d never realized I had. So, on behalf of all people who have been traumatized by that dead Confederate flag and that racist hate song “Dixie”, Bree Newsome, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


My Third Collection of Poetry Is Now Available

June 7, 2015

My Third Collection of Poetry Is Now Available.

My Third Collection of Poetry Is Now Available

June 7, 2015

A Call to ContemplationfrontA Call to Contemplation:Amazon:Kindle Store @FrankideMerle …

This is my third collection of poetry after Ripples on the Surface and Child of the Universe. It’s currently available on Kindle, but the paperback version is in the works The cover picture is a bonsai wisteria. As with my other collections, A Call To Contemplation includes my thoughts about my perspective of life in general and specific, but this one is more frequently inspired by my practice of meditation. Many of the poems were written while contemplating the beauty and serenity of my cats, my Celtic harp, and the Portland, Oregon, Japanese Gardens on the west side of town near the zoo.

With this collection, I feel I’ve completed a life’s work, although one never knows what may be written in the future. But for now, I’m focusing on writing music and more novels. I’ve just copywrited my musical “calling card”, inspired by a performance of the Oregon Symphony conducted by Carlos Kalmar at the beginning of this year. It’s called Mercurial Collection of Duets and/or Solos for Celtic Harp and Classic Guitar (my instruments) and includes six pieces: Mercury in D, Mercury in A, Mercury in E, Mercury in B, Mercury in F, and Mercury in C. I intend to find a way to publish it. This will be a first for me.

I’m getting close to finishing my next novel, Roundabout, which is a future incarnation novel. It takes place in Wick, Scotland. It will be my fourth reincarnation novel after Deception Past, Dragonfly Dreams, and Five Flowers. I’m having fun, and I hope you enjoy reading them.

child of the universe

I Live in an Interesting Corner of the World

May 14, 2015

It comforts me to know that when I go on vacation, I need never be far from home. I can leave Vancouver by train or car and make a day trip to Vancouver, a very scenic place. After staying as long as I choose, I can then take a ferry to Vancouver, another very interesting tourist spot with many pleasant places to visit and nice inns to stay as long as time allows. When it’s time to go home, I can take any number of combinations of ferries and trains/car to go back home to Vancouver. If time allows, I can even return to Vancouver by way of Vancouver. Overall, it makes for easy paced sight seeing and relaxed vacation time well-spent, while feeling right at home in Vancouver.

There must be other places in the world where such trips are possible. I just haven’t found them yet. Please feel free to enlighten me if you know of one. Thanks.

Meanwhile, you also can come to this corner of wet and wonderfully large fir and cedar trees along the Salish Coast of western North America and vacation in Vancouver, Vancouver, and Vancouver. We’re not the Bermuda Triangle, but we’re just a little bit different. You can pack your clothes in layers, include socks with sandals as well as rain gear, but we all get wet, and in the grand scheme of things, getting wet isn’t a big deal here. Umbrellas tend to turn inside out and fly away. There’s simply no reason not to have a picnic at a park or on a beach just because it rains. Just come relaxed and have fun, but don’t be surprised by the wildlife. Great herons are known to nest in parks — in one Vancouver they’re near the tennis courts. Herds of goats are known to contract grounds keeping jobs at places like airports and public schools. Should you encounter a herd of goats while visiting, pay strict attention to and follow any instructions by the llama, which is the security guard for the goats. Don’t mess with our goats or our great herons. Thank you.

My Thoughts About Life in the 21st Century US

April 17, 2015

When I was a child, the world of science fiction predicted flying cars in the 21st century. Here we are in the 21st century, and this past week a flying car, otherwise known as a gyro helicopter, driven by a postal worker landed at the US Capitol to deliver mail. Most of us who have seen the film of this marvelous stunt (it certainly made me smile) were greatly relieved that the postal worker wasn’t shot dead by police. And there’s the real 21st century in the Ununited States.

It all started at the beginning of the century, when some men, mostly from Saudi Arabia, had nothing to live for, were jealous of life in the then United States, and did the infamous 911 deed. After that, the politicians on the East Coast surrendered to terror and totally lost their sense of proportion as well as their minds. Humor was outlawed in airports. Modesty was outlawed in airports. Dignity was outlawed in airports.

Since then, we’ve seen the First Lady and the Vice-President’s wife beg the country to pay extra because it’s easier than getting the Veteran’s Administration to do its job. People have gone crazy in parts of the Ununited States demanding more firearms and carrying them in public. The other states not united to those places have fought to reduce the risk of death by guns by restricting access. Now, in spite of all the homicides in the US, murder is outranked (close to quadrupled) by suicide.

Suicide is the act of murdering one’s body because one feels one has run out of acceptable options. Humans adapt best to change when they have knowledge of alternate options. A sense of humor, even in the worst of times, often affords awareness of alternatives. The postal worker with the flying car saw alternative options for delivering mail to Congress. Unfortunately, the District of Confrontation (DC) has no sense of humor or acceptance of alternatives. People need options.

May I suggest some alternative options for this country, however seemingly absurd?

Instead of a fence between the US and Mexico (Mexicans are predominantly nice people with strong family values. They just don’t realize how much the US has deteriorated psychologically.), let’s build a 20 foot tall and 8 foot thick wall around the Capitol and the White House so the poor little rich politicians can feel safe. No, wait–there’s the danger of flying cars. So include a ceiling on each and paint it sky blue on the underside. Then we can stop spending money on “Homeland Security”. (Security 101: any system completely secure can no longer function.) We don’t have to worry about the Supreme Court since they’re locked in their ivory tower. Once they’re all walled in safely, we wouldn’t have to pay them exorbitant salaries and pensions as long as we remember to deliver them food.

Let’s take the money wasted on NSA and CIA and stop fighting other countries and non-countries when we can’t decide on a country so we can spend less on the Defense/Offense Department (isn’t that what DoD really stands for?). Then there will be sufficient resources for health care, education, housing for those who make less money, Medicare and Social Security. We need to keep the National Guard for natural disasters and emergencies.

Let’s switch to compostable toilets to save water. They’re hi-tech now. With the money we save from eliminating war, we should be able to help those in need afford them.

Some of the states insist on persisting in racial discrimination. The Supreme Court in their ivory tower doesn’t see this. In this, the states are definitely divided. We all know which states are which, and which are themselves divided. Everyone of color, please move to a welcoming state. Everyone who hates color, please move to a hating state. Same goes for those who welcome flying bullets and those who don’t. No war or interstate trade is necessary. Just remember where you stand when making vacation plans.

If you’re having suicidal thoughts or if you’re a politician, please stop thinking for a few precious moments. Take a walk, preferably in a wooded or natural setting. Breathe deeply. Look around. Smile, even if you don’t feel like it, smile. Keep smiling. See the possibilities life has to offer. See that there are no natural borders, that there are so many living beings besides humans, and that it’s possible to live without anger. After all, in the “Land of the Free” (albeit largest police state in the world), we don’t have to do what we’re told. We can decide for ourselves.


February 5, 2015

I know from personal experience that a person in poor health who receives a live vaccine is at risk for a serious reaction. It has everything to do with the disease and the individual’s health but nothing whatsoever to do with unrelated behavior. It’s common sense, cause and effect. I had a very bad case of chicken pox as a child. I didn’t know it was related to shingles, but I got a very bad case of shingles when I was 57. It could have left me impaired, because shingles attacks the nervous system. My face was partially, and fortunately only temporarily with treatment, paralyzed. When I was finally able to get the vaccine the day after I turned 60, I was warned first that it was a live vaccine. I had also been warned that I was at high risk for getting shingles again if I got run down (it’s an opportunistic disease that doesn’t attack when healthy, but I have an autoimmune disorder). I opted for the vaccine. I reacted to it with a burning welt that covered about a third of my upper arm all the way from the elbow to the shoulder. I didn’t mind. I wasn’t paralyzed, I didn’t feel like I was on fire for weeks, I had no neurological side effects, and unlike shingles, the welt went away after several days.

When I was a child, my next door neighbor got mumps. The mumps turned into meningitis. The meningitis left him epileptic for life. There was no vaccine for mumps then, but there is now. And mumps in a male adult can cause sterility, but the vaccine can’t.

I’m old enough to have had measles more than once (there’s more than one kind) before there was a vaccine. I wouldn’t wish measles or chicken pox on anyone, especially a child or a pregnant woman, as it adversely affects the unborn child. I wonder if parents are afraid of vaccinating their kids, will they be afraid of caring for their kids if they get a preventable disease? Do they not understand that sometimes children actually die from measles? Do they think the risk of blindness from measles is less than their unsubstantiated fear of vaccines? Do they not care if their daughters grow up at risk of damaging or killing future grandchildren?

People in countries where diseases often cause death are grateful for vaccinations, which save lives. With all the wars, natural and manmade disasters, accidents, etc., over the years, the population of the human race has ballooned out of control since the invention of antibiotics and vaccines, because antibiotics and vaccines keep more people alive than wars and disasters can manage to kill. I’m not good at math, but even I get it.

There shouldn’t have to be legislation in the USA to force parents to vaccinate children. They should be grateful for the opportunity to keep their kids alive. I’ve heard nonsense about vaccines causing autism and learning difficulties–all totally unsubstantiated. Does gossip make it worthwhile to risk a child’s life over fear of a learning disability? I grew up with a learning disability, and I was never vaccinated for measles because it wasn’t possible then. Autism and learning difficulties existed long before the invention of vaccines, but then so did common sense. If a religion forbids common sense and protection of children against preventable diseases, it’s a false teaching–a wolf in lamb’s clothing. Or maybe some people are just too lazy to think.

The worst reaction I ever had to a vaccine lasted 24 hours, during which I was too sick to leave the house. The booster shot I’d had was for tetanus and typhus, neither of which lasts only 24 hours. Of course I don’t enjoy reactions, but I’d much rather the reaction than the disease.

I had an uncle I never met because he died of whooping cough as a child. There’s a vaccine for that now. I had it with no memory of a reaction. A temporary reaction beats dying any day. If you love your kids, do what you can to keep them alive. Vaccinate. It’s how we got rid of small pox and polio, and yes, I’m grateful I was vaccinated for both.

Visual Assaults on Twitter

January 24, 2015

Unfortunately, lately there have been a number of perverts, sociopaths, or maybe just emotionally immature people on Twitter deliberately posting pictures self-described as “disturbing.” Adults with social skills would recognize this immediately as a clue to the inappropriate. I don’t understand why anyone would waste their time deliberately trying to gross others out. There’s so much beauty in the world. Why not post beautiful pictures? I’ve been visually assaulted by images of what must either be excruciatingly painful diseases or photo shopped fakes. Other pictures are simply pornography. I certainly wouldn’t want children to be exposed to such very disturbing images. Nor should I be. I realize I’ve just been exposed to the grotesque disease of ugliness of the human spirit. May they find something more constructive to do with their time. It’s like the disturbed people who kill others and then take their own life, which was probably their true desire to begin with. If we were all honest with ourselves, I suspect we’d all be kinder to each other. But I can only choose for myself. I choose not to look at Twitter while “disturbing” is the trend.

Give a Book for the Holidays or Read a New One Yourself

November 9, 2014

Have we lived before? Three reincarnation novels by Franki deMerle are available from Amazon and most book retailers:

Deception Past, a story of diversity, religions, and different ethnic backgrounds colliding in the SE US in the second half of the twentieth century mixed with dreams, premonitions, memories of past lives, and past life identity theft. A tale of forgiveness using the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot deck.

Dragonfly Dreams, where a woman running from domestic abuse is rescued by a recently retired US Army officer in the Pacific NW US only to discover the Division from which he just retired was the reincarnation of Custer’s 7th Cavalry. A story of changes, strength, and courage using characters’ animal spirits.

Five Flowers, an historical reincarnation novel and the first of its genre in which all major characters are historical. A novel of five women, each identified by a flower, who keep coming back to this world drawn together by one man, from whom they seek to free and redeem themselves.

Please view the trailer by KatMoran Productions: 

Books are available through (See Order Page),, and The Independent Authors or for short.

Published by KatMoran Publications

Thank you very much, and may you and your friends and loved ones have a happy, peaceful holiday season.

A Great Big THANK YOU/Helping Analog Federal Retirees

October 28, 2014

THANK YOU to everyone who has spoken up recently on behalf of analog Federal retirees. Here are ways you can help your analog Federal retiree cope with health insurance open season this year, if you’re in that position. has a calculator to find out what insurance plans are available by zip code. Once you have that list, you can go to the websites for the different insurance plans. Some of them already have the 2015 brochure posted on their website, even though OPM does not. It can be printed to give the retiree a head start on deciding.

OPM has a phone number (which I got from an insurance plan, not OPM) strictly for retirees: 1-800-332-9798  This number can be used to complete the process of changing health insurance this open season. I hope this is of help to someone. If you know someone in need on behalf of an analog Federal retiree, please share. Thank you so much.

First the US Throws Away Veterans and Now Federal Retirees

October 24, 2014

Yes, I’m a Federal retiree. I worked for the IRS, the USGS, the Government Printing Office, and The US Army as a civilian. Now that we have the Affordable Care Act, which does many good things for the rest of the country, open season health insurance plan information is not available to retirees that never had to use computers and don’t know how. Yes, there are many of them. I know how, but I’m finding it more difficult to navigate the Office of Personnel Management (OPM or as we lovingly call it, OPIUM) website. Yes, I have a login to print my 1099 because the Government I served will no longer send me one, even though I willingly pay my taxes still. That login does NOT allow me to see what’s going on with the rest of my file, e.g. life insurance. OPM itself says it takes at least 2-3 weeks to answer an email. My own senator takes 3 weeks to answer an email. Health Insurance open season starts 10 November, not that their answers are in any way helpful, but I guess I’ll be blindsided again. On the  bright side, OPIUM is very successful at routing ringing phones until they hang up on the people they’re supposed to serve.

Here’s the way the next generation does business:  Put info online. Expect everyone and any one who needs it to already know it’s been put online and where. For example, President Obama said he was going to have an open government, so he put a contact box on the Whitehouse website, and Edward Snowden be damned to Russia, covert activity on the part of the Government skyrocketed.

Since this is how business works now, I’m glad I’m retired and closer to my expiration date. When I worked for my Government, I felt it was my duty to provide information to the individual/office who asked. I did my best, which was not “post online somewhere and done,” No, the job isn’t done just because something’s posted online.

I’ll spare you the details of what went wrong when I never received the brochures I requested for open season last year (yes, they were printed last year for mailing, but I never learned why I didn’t get mine). Suffice it to say I was blindsided and it was very expensive. I’m fortunate that I have a home, and still had money for food after medical expenses.

Yes, I get angry every time I see an ad for the Wounded Warrior Project, because it reminds me how much money is thrown away on the Veterans Administration to not help the veterans, especially including wounded warriors. The United States Government today is NOT the United States Government I served, and it has NOTHING to do with political parties. I watched it painfully start to deteriorate during the 2nd Iraq War, and now we’re headed into #3. I admit I was naïve, and suspected I was at the time, for trusting my fellow Feds. I wonder how many retired Feds sans computers have long since gone homeless or perished because of OPM.

Finally, a simple request. Please stop referring to Washington, DC, as “Washington.” I live in the wonderful state of Washington, which is nothing like DC. Please either use the entire designation, or just say “DC.” It’s a simple request from one who can’t seem to put enough distance between herself and where she wasted her working years. Thank you.

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