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For Robin Williams

August 13, 2014

for Robin Williams

So many things I’d never thought of
You spouted naturally
At a speed most can’t keep up with
You let it all flow free

You were the epitome of human being
Kindness incarnate
Not making fun of others
But of life for us to laugh

The clown crying inside
Some mock the creative fire
That enlightens and consumes us
As we forgive them and reach higher

It hurts to live with cruelty
What about this life is not?
Kindness laughing freely
I hope that’s what you’ve got

I choose to live in a place
With legal death with dignity
You chose your time and way
Someday we’ll all be free

Gentle spirit, judge me not
As I will not judge you
Smile now and forever, my friend
That’s how I’ll remember you

from A Call to Contemplation by Franki deMerle


Unconscious Revealed

February 25, 2014

My favorite place to write poetry is the Portland, Oregon, Japanese Gardens. I was there this past Saturday afternoon. It was cloudy, as usual, but not raining. Everywhere in the Gardens is the sound of running water. I was aware of this as I found a quiet bench, sat down, and began to write. My first poem was about unrevealed water in us, around us, and everywhere. The last stanza was:

“Step carefully

Where it is revealed

Is slippery”

I wrote some more poems, moved to other benches, wandered around, and wrote some more. Finally I made my way down to the coy pond. I love their brilliant colors. After watching them, I continued down the path, tripped, and fell.

Of course, since I realized, I’ve been laughing at myself, but next time I’m taking my walking stick …

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